We found Bombay Beach on a day off from tour in Southern California.   Our truck broke down while exploring the Salton Sea.  The battery was dead.  Ernie and Sonia, an older couple, helped us by trying to jump the truck, but the battery just wouldn't hold a charge.  Ernie said the nearest auto parts store was about 40 miles in any direction.  I asked if he could give us a ride.  We would give him gas money.   He said sure. 

While Chris and I were riding with Ernie the other dudes were drinking at the Ski Inn, the only bar in town.  By the time we got back everyone was pretty shit-hammered.  I hadn't eaten for about 8 hours and it was a long day.  Steve, the bartender offered to make me a burger.  After I scarfed down the burger,  I needed a nap.  Ernie offered to put is up at one of his trailer homes in town for $25 a night.  We were all too drunk and tired to drive another 2 hours back to civilization.  Of course, we took the deal.   

I was in bed by 8pm while the guys kept drinking at the Ski.  At 1am, I was almost knocked out of bed by an earthquake.  I texted the dudes, "Did you guys feel that??!  Are you still at the Ski??".  They were, so I headed over.  On the way there I looked up and the sky was so clear you could see the Milky Way.  

When I got back to the Ski, some of the dudes were passed out in the back of truck.  Chris and Justin were still up hanging with Steve, the bartender.  I couldn't catch up to how drunk they were even though I tried.  

The bar closed and we drove the truck around town to explore before we passed out.  Chris was driving, I was in the truck bed with the passed out dudes.  Chris was pretty drunk and almost went off-road a couple of times.   We parked in the middle of a street and went out to the beach. It was pitch black accept for the stars and moon.  You could hear the wind and the ocean. 


Touring with a new band for the first time is always a little weird.  You're not sure what jokes they'll take seriously or get.  

Right now, I'm laying on the flour of a closet in a Best Western.  It's pretty cool.  I'm into it.  We're all zonked out from the 10 hour overnight drive.   Our room wasn't ready when we first arrived so we chilled in the hot tub for a couple hours.  We got harassed by one of the older male employees who thought we were just freeloading.    He left us alone once he confirmed that we had paid for a room that day.  We ate burgers and beer before napping in the room.  It felt so good to have a beer after that drive.   

Everyone is asleep.  Someone is snorting in their sleep.  Don't know who.